State of the art self cleaning heads for protein skimmers
  • AquaDriver SkimClean Helix 160 Universal Self Cleaning Head (SCH) For 160mm Diameter Protein Skimmers

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    The AquaDriver Skimclean Helix 160 is a state of the art self cleaning head (SCH) for 160mm protein skimmers. 

    Manufactured in Germany with quality second to none, the Aquadriver self cleaning heads feature innovations not found in any other self cleaning heads. The low profile lid integrates a high speed, high quality gear driven motor to insure your AquaDriver provides you many years of service.  Just 15-20 seconds of run time once a day is all it takes to keep your skimmers neck clean so that your protein skimmer performs optimally without the need to remove the collection cup for routine neck cleaning. 

    All Aquadriver self cleaning heads include a dual wiper system that cleans both the neck and lid. Our revolutionary wet wiper system insures efficient cleaning of your protein skimmer by drawing water up from inside the skimmer body and spraying it onto the neck and lid while the wipers rotate. 

    An optional washdown system on the larger Helix models (not available on the Helix 160) allows users to flush the inside of the collection cup for easy cleaning without ever having to remove the cup. Just connect a 1/4" line to the John Guest fitting on the lid and supply it with a water source such as a pump or tap water source. When the source is activated, water will be sprayed through the washdown ring into the inside of the collection cup for convenient cleaning and rinsing.